We all prefer the comfort of our own home when sick or recovering.  We want to sleep in our own beds, and we want to be able to use our own facilities. Our homes are our havens and when we don’t feel well it is there where we want to be.

A study conducted by Harvard Medicine found that the “home hospital” model improves care.  The study found that patients recovering from illness or surgery recover faster at home.  An additional study found that Seniors who used in-home care after recovering had a 70% lower rate of readmission to the hospital.

So what is wrong with hospital care?
For some – nothing. There are situations when staying in the hospital may be the best choice if a higher level of monitoring is needed. However, you must weigh the risks. People in hospitals are sick, and the transmission rate of contractable illness is higher in hospitals.  Patients in hospitals are also often sleep-deprived.  The constant check-ins from nurses and physicians are meant to be helpful, but often can be disruptive and repetitive.  The constant sounds and lights in a hospital can not only keep a patient from resting but can also cause emotional stress.  Being stuck in a bed in a single room or area may also negatively impact health.  Physical activity and movement are very important in most recovery processes in hospital, and it may be more difficult to move in the way than when you are in your own home.

Getting the rest that is needed to recover and the ability to move around in your environment safely and in the comfort of familiarity can be less stressful on the body and mind.  The cost may actually be less, and the benefit can be more, which makes in-home care a simple solution.

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