Aging causes brain changes, however, cognitive health can be worked on, and a person’s lifestyle can play a big part in the results. The brain is a muscle, and just like the other muscles in our bodies we can strengthen it by working with it. Brain exercises and working on cognitive health is important for everyone, but more so for the elderly, especially those who have retired and may need extra stimulation.

Staying social is very important. It has been shown that maintaining connections with others and participating in social activities help keep our brains healthy. In fact, research has shown that Seniors who have lots of social engagement have better cognitive function. Seniors should engage in phone calls, including video calls such as Facetime with friends and family. Getting out of the house while following COVID safety protocols when possible is a good idea too! For example, finding a religious service or a senior center where they can participate in their many activities could be compared to taking your brain to the gym.

Playing games and finding an enjoyable activity is also important. Finding a stimulating hobby can help immensely with cognitive abilities. An activity that puts the brain to work like puzzles, games, reading, playing an instrument, woodworking, or knitting are simple examples of fun hobbies.

Activities which not only offer stimulation but also are an enjoyable hobby can bring a sense of pride as well. Scientific studies have shown that when new things are introduced to the brain and “thinking” happens that the brain expands the network of blood vessels that nourishes it with oxygen and nutrients.

At Inhome Advantage, we understand that social interaction and activities are crucial to Seniors, and that is why we offer our clients engaging activities to do with us. A big part of caregiving is interacting with our Seniors to provide their brains with the exercise they need to stay strong and healthy.

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