Isolation and loneliness are avoidable by engaging in healthy social activities.  Social interaction requires a variety of mental abilities such as listening, concentration, and memory. These examples are brain activities that can improve and preserve cognitive health. At Inhome Advantage we encourage and assist with senior engagement.

Studies have shown that seniors who are socially engaged and routinely interact with others are less likely to suffer from dementia or memory loss. Regular activities and social engagement can help seniors feel happy and content and will help them age with dignity.

The holiday season is the perfect time to do fun and engaging activities with the seniors in your life. Here are some ideas of activities that are great for all ages.

  1. Decorating. Look for some DIY decorations on Pinterest. Making an easy wreath, or a popcorn string for the tree is not only something to do, but it also gives the feeling of accomplishment.
  2. Baking Cookies. There are few things better than a house that smells of fresh baked cookies. Baking is a wonderful family activity that yields some nice home-made treats perfect for gift giving.
  3. Watching a Holiday Movie. Although this activity does not seem engaging, a lot of the classic films can be shared and can offer nostalgia and make for good conversation starters.
  4. Host a Virtual Party. Most people have friends and loved ones who live too many miles away, and you cannot always be together for the holidays. Hosting a virtual party will get people together who due to proximity or time could otherwise be unable to see.
  5. Holiday Themed Charades or Pictionary. There are plenty of quick ideas available on the internet for topics. These are very good cognitive games that require thinking and creativity.
  6. Holiday Trivia. There is a reason why Jeopardy is the longest running game show on television. People love trivia and testing their knowledge competitively.  Finding some good holiday questions online and playing some trivia contests is a great way to fire those brain synapses.

This time of year is about love and sharing time together. Make the most of the time and enjoy each other. And if you are a caregiver who needs help with engaging activities or perhaps needs some time to get holiday errands done, Inhome is here for your family.