Independence means something different to everyone, and it is dependent on your life circumstances and your age. February is National Senior Independence month, and it is a perfect time to celebrate the independence of the seniors in your life and to encourage maintaining independence. As people age, they sometimes lose the capabilities or motivation to do certain things that keep them living an independent lifestyle.

According to the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Center For Assisted Living (NCAL), “This celebration was established to help seniors remain in control of their daily lives. This month encourages seniors to take the opportunity to evaluate their current living situation and determine whether or not adjustments could be made to create a better lifestyle. This is the opportunity to notice strengths and weaknesses in daily routines and make minor adjustments with potentially huge improvements.“

Mobility, whether it be physical or driving a vehicle, is something that a lot of seniors lose. Getting assistance through the means of walkers, scooters, and chauffeurs can go a long way.

Decluttering the home and organizing is a great way to feel not only accomplished but decreases risks of a lot of household accidents. People are much less likely to trip and fall in a clean, well-lit home.

Lastly, take some time to examine the environment to make sure it is as safe as it can be. Checking that banisters and railings are in place where needed and are secure, lighten up the dark places with some motion lights maybe, and grab bars in the bathroom are a great idea. Preventive maintenance will help ensure that senior citizens stay in their home and as independent as possible.

At Inhome Advantage, it is our mission to keep seniors at home and independent, so please reach out if you need help or advice. And take time to celebrate senior independence, because maintaining it and recognizing it improves the quality of life.

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